My DNA, My Family, My Rights

This website is a free information resource about your DNA and genetic information. Your DNA can be used to identify you and your relatives. It also contains some personal information about your health and that of your family.

This website is about your rights. This includes:

  • Your right to privacy, and when police and governments can override this
  • Your rights as a consumer, if you buy a genetic test
  • The rights you have if you agree to take part in human genetic research

This information resource will grow over time.

DNA basics

How is your DNA and genetic information collected and used?

Commercial DNA tests

What are your rights if you take a commercial ancestry, health or paternity test?

Medicine and Research

What rights do you have if your DNA is collected for a medical genetic test or a research project?

Who has access to your data?

As genetic databases grow and merge across research, criminal, commercial and medical sectors, who is able to access your genetic data?

Police and immigration

How can your DNA be used by police and immigration services?

ID databases

Could your genetic information be included in your passport or ID card in the future?

Universal DNA databases

Could whole populations have their DNA collected and what does this mean for your rights?

The role of commercial interests

Which commercial interests are involved in the world of genetic databases?